ACA American Cornhole Association Official Bag and Board Set

American Flag Design Includes Boards (2 ea.) and Corn Filled Bags (8 ea.), Plus Tote Bag

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4.4/5 Stars From 50,581 Buyers

We spent 3.6 hours reading reviews from customers who purchased this product. Here is a summary of what they had to say:

Reasons To Buy 9 Reasons To Buy

  • Many purchasers complimented the cornhole board construction as being very sturdy. This supports the claim by ACA American Cornhole Association of using premium construction materials in their construction.
  • A fair share of purchasers complimented the carrying handle construction and placement on the boards. Reviewers stated the carrying handles were much better constructed than competitors.
  • All reviewers mentioned outstanding customer service from ACA American Cornhole Association, in regards to any issues they had with their purchase. They stated the manufacturer went above and beyond their expectations.
  • Some users appreciated the cornhole boards are regulation sized, in comparison other manufacturers offering a smaller, non-regulation sized board.
  • Many reviewers complimented the beauty of the vinyl graphics applied to the boards, stating they were beautiful. The manufacturer clearly meets and exceeds the expectation from a board design perspective.
  • Some purchasers mentioned that the ACA American Cornhole Association Official Bag and Board Set was built in a way that was very easy to add LED lighting underneath the boards. (LED lighting is not included in the purchase of this item)
  • A few reviews stated the owners had left the boards outside for a period of time, and experienced no issues with the vinyl cornhole board wraps peeling or bubbling on the top of the boards.
  • Many reviewers of ACA American Cornhole Association Official Bag and Board Set American Flag Edition appreciated the boards were manufactured in the United States.
  • Every review regarding the return policy for this product, stated they were very thankful of the 100% guarantee provided by ACA American Cornhole Association. No reviews stated they had an issue with the product which required a return of the product to the manufacturer.

Reasons To Buy 5 Reasons NOT To Buy

  • ACA American Cornhole Association does not state whether the seams of the bags are single stitched or double stitched for added durability.
  • The manufacturer does not state what type of material is used for the included bean bags.
  • Bags are filled with dried corn, which could allow mold growth, if left in humid or damp conditions.
  • Bags included in set are red & blue bags (4 each), not the stars & stripes depicted in the imagery on Amazon. These bags must be purchased separately.
  • Product is a bit pricey, compared to other brands.

Product Research Summary

This product has received rave reviews from purchasers. I could not find a single negative review of this product, while researching multiple sources, which is extremely rare.

I have some special notes regarding this product. First and foremost, the bags in this cornhole set have dried corn in them, which does not sit with me well, regarding antimicrobial materials. Most professional cornhole bean bags are filled with medium weight poly resin (plastic) fill.

Also, it looks like the bags are made from cloth or canvas, which won’t give the same feeling of throwing a tournament approved cornhole bag, which tends to have a slick side made of rave weave rayon, and a stick side made out of microsuede. There are some variations of those materials being used in cornhole bag construction, but most professional bean bags follow this pattern.

It’s important to note that the bags in this set are NOT ACL approved (American Cornhole League), but they obviously qualify to be used for ACA (American Cornhole Association) competition. If you are looking specifically for ACA approved bags, I WOULD recommend this product.

Lastly, if you dream and aspire to become a professional cornhole player, I would recommend these boards, but start playing with ACL approved bags as soon as they are affordable.

Product Specifications


Brand: ACA American Cornhole Association

Bag Stitching: Not specified

Bag Dimensions: 6″x6″ (Regulation)

Bag Material: Not specified

Board Material: 1/2″ baltic birch top, cabinet grade poplar frame, vinyl cornhole board wrap applied

Country of Manufacture: United States

Total Quantity: 8 bags total, 2 cornhole boards

Weight: 16 ounces each bag

Bag Fill: Dried Corn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Are the boards coated in poly?

A: The cornhole boards have a vinyl cornhole wrap, on top of wood. There is no claim by ACA American Cornhole Association that they have any added coating on the wood.


Q: Are the bags filled with corn or synthetic material?

A: The bean bags are filled with dried corn.


Q: Is a carrying case included for the cornhole boards?

A: No. A carrying case for the boards must be purchased separately.


Q: Are corn or resin filled cornhole bags better?

A: Resin is preferred over corn, if only to keep animals from eating the corn if the bags are left outside for an extended period of time.


Q: Are these bags league approved?

A: These bags are not ACL (American Cornhole League) approved.


Q: Are these cornhole bags washable?

A: I would not recommend washing these bags, due to being filled with dried corn. Water and moisture could/would lead to potential harmful bacteria growing inside the bags.

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96 Score

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[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Are ACA American Cornhole Association Official Cornhole Boards & Bags Set American Flag Design bags filled with corn?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Yes. The bags in the ACA American Cornhole Association Official Cornhole Boards & Bags Set American Flag Design are filled with dried corn. The bags are not approved for ACL professional league play. [/sc_fs_faq]
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