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About Yokuna, Everything Kitchens!
Michelle Okuna

Michelle Okuna


Michelle is an avid foodie, mother of 2, wife, and stay at home Mom. Michelle started Yokuna with Chia in 2021, with the hope of bringing great recipes, product reviews, and how-to guides to the cooking community.

Chia Aoki

Chia Aoki


Chia is currently enrolled at Loyola Marymount, majoring in Entrepreneurship. Chia has a passion for food and recipes, bringing a fresh approach to creating content and guides for other food lovers.

About Yokuna

How Yokuna Started

The first thing to know about Yokuna, is the history of the word “Yokuna”, which roughly translates from Japanese to English as “Good”.

Chia Aoki started helping Michelle Okuna with her daughter Hina as a nanny, in 2018. When Chia needed something from Michelle, she would say Yo-kuna, mixing Yo and Okuna together, for humor. One day, we chuckled at the fact that Yokuna was an actual word in translation from Japanese to English.

As Yokuna became a household word, Chia was driven to try and find a use for the term we started using all the time. One day, while we were going through our recipes for baking something fresh and new, the idea of creating a food blog was born. As we thought and talked about the idea more, we realized that we both had an interest in creating something great for the cooking community. Yokuna, Everything Kitchens was born.


Here is a gallery of images we created, as we started creating more about Yokuna. Just some fun pictures taken by Michelle’s husband, Hiroto.

Michelle Okuna
Chia Aoki Articles
Michelle Okuna Articles
Chia Aoki
Chia Aoki Recipes
Michelle Okuna Recipes

Yokuna, Everything Kitchens!

Born January 2021

We Hope You Like Us

We’re happy you visited our site, and hope you find something valuable while you are here. We understand the importance of creating a great following from our readers, in an effort to build a lasting brand in the food community.

Whether you are looking for a new and exciting recipe, a quality review for a potential upcoming purchase, or are looking for a great guide or how-to, we feel we are putting our best foot forward in trying to bring great content for your interests.

If you have a great recipe to share, want to write an article for us, or just want to say hello, send us an email to engage@yokuna.com. We would love to hear from you. We are always excited to hear from our visitors, in an effort to create the content you want to see.

Please don’t forget to rate the content you visit, as user ratings are important to us. Just click on the rating button, and give us an honest star rating, based on how you feel about Yokuna content. This helps us focus on what our readers feel is important, and we truly appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thank you so, so much!

About Yokuna Everything Kitchens

Affiliate Disclosure

This site receives commission from vendors, should you click through and purchase from one of the vendors we review products for. Yokuna will never give false favorable reviews in exchange for commissions, as we strive to give honest reviews of every product we research. We promise.

Trustworthy Reviews

In Depth Research

We spend an average of 10 to 20 hours reading reviews from consumers for each kitchen product we review.

Simple & Straight Forward

Each kitchen product reviewed, will have simple pros & cons to save you time in your search.



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